Tips on Keeping your Tenants Happy


Revenue is costly. Some of the most expensive employment duties involved in owning and earning from rental property are getting your property ready to rent, marketing the vacancy, displaying the property, and screening tenants.

Once you have entirely drained yourself after discovering the perfect tenant, you can’t relax since keeping them will become a crucial part of your business.

For a leasing agreement to function, it requires strong communication, clear expectations, and gestures of appreciation, just like any other partnership. This article will focus on some pointers for keeping your tenants satisfied.

Importance of Keeping Tenants Happy


Having a vacant property is difficult, time-consuming, and a loss of income, as you are well aware. The property must be advertised, applications must be screened, viewings must be scheduled, and complete lease documents must be prepared. You also lose out on any revenue that the space would have generated.

It’s crucial to find reasonable tenants during this time, and it’s even more important to know how to keep your tenants happy. Tenants who are happy and comfortable are easier to handle.

Tips to Keep them Satisfied

As a landlord, you must guarantee that your renter lives in a safe rental environment and is satisfied during their time there. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Have a Communication Channel

A tenant must be able to contact you anytime they require assistance. Create a conduit for tenants to communicate with someone about the property. A tenancy with an absentee landlord or management can be unpleasant, especially if a problem has to be addressed.

Tenants are more likely to stay in a property that responds quickly to their problems than in one that does not. When one of your tenants requests or makes a complaint, you must respond as soon as possible.

Address Maintenance Quickly

Waiting weeks for the landlord to come out and fix a problem can be frustrating for the tenant. Even if it’s merely a leak or an appliance malfunction, you should have it corrected if the tenants have found it difficult enough to contact you.

The most accessible approach to make sure this happens is to provide them with your direct phone number so you can be notified right away if there are any issues. If you are too busy dashing around renters’ properties or responding to their messages, consider hiring someone to do it for you—someone like Global Property King.

Listen to what Facilities they Want

Keeping High-Speed internet available. Open floor plans. A lovely outdoor spot. It’s critical to understand what features today’s tenants seek in a rental property so you can better satisfy market demand.

Many tenants, particularly younger generations such as Gen-Z and Millennials, consider lifestyle quality while deciding whether to stay or go. Even though you own the property, the tenant should be free to call it home. You can do some things to create a more personalized environment, which may encourage your tenants to remain longer and keep them happy.

The Takeaway!

You may be the landlord, but always acting like you own the place the tenant is renting will eventually lead them to leave and be unhappy. Remember to appreciate them and make them feel like it’s their home.

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